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Good Haircuts For Men With Long Faces

This haircut gives an elegant appearance to men with a long face. This hairstyle is all about perfection. Once you have learned, to make the comb-over perfectly, then no one can beat your sparkling personality.

good haircuts for men with long faces


This hairstyle let the long face of a man to look smaller than its actual size. It is a unique haircut that every man with an oblong face can adapt. In this hairstyle, the sides of the head are trimmed slightly in order to make the features, more prominent. The top hair of the head, puffed with the help of blow dryer after that, a styling product or cream is applied to fix the puffy appearance.

In this haircut, the long side fringe covers the forehead, making the long face of men to look small. You can also combine this haircut with a short beard, to look even more stylish as shown in the image.

If your style is more rugged handsome, try a Viking hairstyle for your long face. While many Viking hairstyles simply feature long loose hair, this one incorporates long blonde braids with a high bald fade for an updated look.

Black men with long faces trying to control their natural black hair will love how fresh short twists look. With or without facial hair, overlapping twists on top and short sides are a great style choice.

2. Medium Length Shaggy HairstyleThis is one of the best long face hairstyles for men with broad foreheads. The slightly messy look can be easily recreated through some dry shampoo or matt hair pomade.

8. Medium Length CrewThis is one of our favourite hairstyles for long faces for men. What could be easier to style than a haircut as short as this one. Again, you need to remember to keep the sides short but not shaved to the skin.

Finding the perfect hairstyle for long faces could not get any easier! These hairstyles are trendy and effortless, perfect for men with busy schedules so to cut some time explore exclusive salons & grooming services with Times Prime!

But know that it's not one size fits all. If you don't have a model's square face with a strong Chad jaw and prominent forehead, some things won't sit all that well. Think you'd be able to pull off Justin Bieber's longer 'do? You might be wrong. Into Shawn Mendes' recent buzzcut and about to reach for the clippers? Well, hold off, because chances are your head shape won't actually suit a grade one all over.

Now, the next step is to work out the correct crop that suits your face shape. With that in mind, and because we know you probably will need a little navigation, we caught up with men's hair expert (he guides men every day on what haircut they should have based on the angles of their faces) and A-list groomer Joe Mills, the man behind the Joe & Co barbershop in London, to find out which haircut will work best for each face shape (and the tweaks you need for different hair types, from tight and curly to straight and blunt).

"The key here is to elongate the face shape and not add width. With that in mind, a short back and sides with a quiff works very well. And avoid fringes at all costs - these will make your face appear smaller and accentuate its shape."

"You can also wear most haircuts with this face shape, but don't go too short at the sides as it will elongate an already elongated shape. Think more classic shapes and scissor cuts - nothing too extreme or short as your goal is to add width."

"Go for more volume on the top to create a more balanced look. Diamond faces tend to have strong cheekbones and narrow for heads so something a little longer will always look good - in short, a fringe of some form is often the way forward. Ask for scissor cuts where possible to keep things soft against your angular cheekbones."

When you have an oblong face, finding a haircut is very difficult because you should find a style that will balance your face without adding more length to it and, at the same time, keep your style in check.

Before we start looking at photos and talk about the different hairstyles that go well with oblong faces, we should first explain what features you should look for in a haircut if you have an oblong face shape.

A round face is quite common for men, and if the outline you drew in the mirror remotely resembles a circle, then you likely have a round head shape. Round faced men are defined by equal widths and lengths, and guys who have round face shapes do not have especially angular faces. Specifically, round faces are soft without sharp jawlines or cheekbones. The best haircuts for round faces are those that make the head appear longer and give the illusion of a more angular, chiseled appearance.

Overall, short to medium-length hair is perfect for styling good oval face hairstyles. Further, men with oval faces often look best without facial hair, but if you prefer to grow a beard, thick stubble or a short beard can offer a masculine look.

The square face is much like the round, only the angles of the head are far sharper, providing a more masculine, chiseled appearance. Square face men have jaws and foreheads that are almost exactly the same width. As a matter of fact, these symmetric qualities are what many people find attractive in a man. The best haircuts for square faces accentuate the manly features you already have by keeping hair short.

For starters, hairstyles for men with square faces should start with a fade on the sides. Then think about short to medium length styles with just a hint of volume on top. If you want longer hair, consider a high skin fade or undercut to increase contrast, emphasize the height of your hair, and elongate your face slightly. Short sideburns are excellent choices for square faces as well.

Nevertheless, the square face allows for guys to get very short to short haircuts, including the buzz cut, crew cut, high and tight, and French crop. We highly recommend that any cool cuts and styles for square faces be paired with short faded sides or an undercut.

The only thing you truly need to avoid as a long faced man is a style with too much volume on top or too short sides. This can make your face appear even longer and take away from the angular characteristics of your cheekbones and jawline. Instead, find cuts and styles that are very short to medium-length without height.

The best hairstyles for long face men include classic and modern styles. For example, if you want a clean-cut and low-maintenance haircut, then a buzz, crew cut, crop top or fringe will suit you well. Bangs that falls across the forehead can even serve to shorten the length of the face. However, instead of a very short hairstyle, you may consider a taper or low fade with a comb over, slick back, textured quiff, man bun, or top knot.

The best haircuts for the triangle face shape are classic tapers and low fades that build width on the sides. These cuts work especially well for men who have curly or thick hair. Couple your tapered or faded sides with a long comb over, pompadour, quiff, textured brush up, modern faux hawk, or messy hair. An angular fringe can also be styled to highlight the forehead and minimize the strong chin.

Men with triangle faces should consider clean-shaven styles; otherwise, avoid a full beard and instead opt for very short and well-groomed beard styles. A short, thick beard or light stubble can maybe soften the chin and jawline.

If you have thicker hair, think about growing it out long and using it to your advantage to create flowing layers that sweep over your forehead. For plenty of movement and a free-flowing style, think textured, natural hairstyles with volume and height. Because your face is angular, avoid cuts that are too symmetrical or consist of completely clean lines. Instead, always think textured, and use a good pomade, wax or clay to separate sections and add volume to your hair.

Like hairstyles and beards, the objective is to give the face more width and reduce height. Opt for large moustaches that go beyond the corners of the mouth. These will reiforce the cheekbones and take a little height away with hair growth.Bear in mind also that small moustaches may look lost on the large surface area of an Oblong face shape.

The more polished brother of the side part, a center part long hairstyle for men, is sharp, modern and striking. On freshly-washed hair, take a fine comb and trace a precise line down the center of the head from front to back, and then separate the hair. This look works best on men with symmetrical features; think Jared Leto.

Generally speaking, long hair is relatively easy to take care of and style once it's grown out. However, your hair type and texture will also play into how low-maintenance your long hair really is."}},"@type": "Question","name": "What's a good long hairstyle for natural hair?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Afros and protective styles are easy hairdos for long, natural hair. Just make sure you are keeping your hair hydrated to avoid breakage. Washing with a clarifying shampoo will help to avoid product buildup, too.","@type": "Question","name": "Should I grow out my fine hair?","acceptedAnswer": "@type": "Answer","text": "Typically, fine hair looks best in shorter styles but that's not to say that you can't grow out your hair. Opt for a cut that's no more than chin-length and consider using texturizing and volume-inducing products to feign fullness."]}]}] CONFIDENCE, COMMUNITY, AND JOY

Afros and protective styles are easy hairdos for long, natural hair. Just make sure you are keeping your hair hydrated to avoid breakage. Washing with a clarifying shampoo will help to avoid product buildup, too.

My advice for guys with round faces is to aim for a length that is from mid neck or longer. Anything too close to your chin will accentuate roundness and make it look out of proportion. You should also stay away from blunt cut fringes and layers in the front as it will bring more attention to your facial features.

At the same time, longer haircuts are perfect for those who love to experiment. More hair logically means more options. If you enjoy making a statement, your hair could be the ultimate cherry on the cake with the endless styling possibilities!


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